Promethean AI Tools Launched in Beta

The Promethean AI team shared an extended look at their AI-powered toolkit and announced the availability of the first public version.

The team behind Promethean AI shared a new session discussing tools they've been developing and revealing a bunch of exciting news. Here's what we've learned about the new tools, which will change environment art production forever.

The toolkit was originally revealed back in July 2018 as a new AI-powered system, which changes how artists approach environment production. Basically, Promethean AI allows users to set up new environments by using a powerful asset manager, a new browser, and a bunch of other tools in no time.

The toolkit features a super-smart asset manager which takes all your assets, analyzes them, gives them custom labels to help you find them in the future. 

The team actually states that Promethean features the most sophisticated asset manager ever letting you find any detail you need in no time. You just need to type into a name of a thing you need and the tool will give you alternatives to choose from. 

Promethean AI also has a number of tools to automatically place objects and adjust them according to their surroundings. 

The toolkit is also based on the concept of semantic groups. Let's say you have a tent, some dishes, and other things you need for a night in the woods. Promethean will remember this scenario and offer you to instantly set up a camping site next time.  

Promethean is built to support any custom engine and third-party engine to give users flexibility. 

The team has also presented Promethean Browser that will allow users to easily scroll through assets, search for specific objects, study the number of vertices, and more. You can also, for example, ask the toolkit to find all tables or find all chairs of a specific size. 

The smart browser has a number of tools allowing users to set certain criteria, group assets, set up graphs, check time stamps, and more. 

Promethean is not meant for organizing just assets though. You can also add your references, team members, all the materials you have, and more. You can share access to your board with your team and let them add new changes or edit your stuff. The toolkit is all about remote work providing a cloud base, smart libraries, and more.

The team believes that talents should focus on artistic matters rather than diving deeper into technical challenges, so Promethean is built around total creative freedom. 

Here comes the best part. Starting today a public build of Promethean AI tools is available on the official website. It's not a full version, it's still in beta, but you can now download the tools and use them, free of charge. Later this year, they will also release a new public version adding new functionality they didn't cover in today's talk. 

Another great news is that they're launching a new environment art internship program. The team's seasoned team members, who have shipped a number of AAA titles, will help beginners get better at art and produce high-quality portfolio pieces.

Make sure to watch the full session for more details and discuss the talk in the comments. Also, you can read our interview with the founder Andrew Maximov here.

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