Respawn's Colette Might Get an Oscar

Apex Legends' developer Respawn Entertainment might become the first game developer to be nominated for an Oscar.

A 24-minute Guardian documentary Colette became the first instance of a work of a video game developer getting nominated for an Oscar.

Colette was created as a part of Respawn Entertainment's VR shooter Medal Of Honor: Above And Beyond. The documentary was co-produced by Respawn and Oculus as one of many short, live-action films for the game, and credits name Vince Zampella as a co-executive producer.

The Studio's composer Stephen Barton notes that many film companies never get Oscar-nominated, while their company did. Given the occasion and the circumstances, the pride of the studio is more than understandable. It is not every day that you become the first game developer to be nominated for one of the most prestigious awards.

This nomination may set a precedent for videogame developers getting nominated for Oscars. In this era of next-gen graphics and top-of-the-line game engines, this possibility may become the reality.

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