Star Citizen Has Amassed Half a Billion Dollars in Crowdfunding

The game itself, though, is still in development.

Star Citizen, a controversial space simulator being developed by Cloud Imperium Games for over a decade now, has managed to amass over half a billion dollars in crowdfunding from 4.1 million backers. According to Robert Space Industries, the game's official website, at the time of writing this, Star Citizen has raised 500,108,461 million USD thanks to 4,096,667 backers, or as the developers call them, "star citizens".

For those unaware, the mind-boggling sum the company has acquired is 20 times larger than the initial amount the team required back in 2012. The first Kickstarter campaign launched by Cloud Imperium stated that they only needed a "mere" $2.5 million, pocket change compared to the funds they have now. Unfortunately for many, it seems that the game's main problem was not related to money, and even now, with the team having all the resources a developer might need, there are no signs that Star Citizen is going to be released any time soon.

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