The First In-Engine Footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2
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bad management, its your job for stuff like that not to happen, dont put that extra weight on artist because management didn't do your job

by Robert Gardner
41 min ago

It really is the best game of 2018, Thank you.

"We're saddened if any former members of any studio did not find their time here enjoyable or creatively fulfilling and wish them well with finding an environment more suitable to their temperaments and needs…" Or : We're saddened if any former members of our studio are not happy to have been exploited to enrich us. Awesome !!!! Ok, guys… you have lost one customer !

The First In-Engine Footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2
23 June, 2017

The first CGI trailer of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was awesome, right? But the thing is that it didn’t tell us anything about the gameplay. Director and series creator Michel Ancel promised procedurally generated star systems, simulated sunsets, and all kinds of spaceships, but we didn’t see anything from the game. Ubisoft has finally revealed the first in-engine footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and it looks amazing.

First of all, the game is huge. It will feature ships of all sizes for you to explore the space. The larger ones will be explorable with all sorts of activity promised.

“You can get inside, you can sell your pizza, and then instead of getting out of the ship you can decide to explore the ship. And you might discover that there is some slavery, some human trafficking and things like that.”

Photography is once again one of the keys here. We can’t tell anything about the city yet, but one thing is certain — the game’s scale is impressive. The director states that you will be able to easily get from the streets to limitless outer space. Ancel also states that the game’s engine will take into account astronomical physics, with planets turning in real-time and changes in the atmosphere affecting the force of your ship.

Make sure to watch the video to get more details on the announced game. There’s no release date and it’s quite clear that it will take years to finish this huge project. Stay tuned for more details! 

Source: Ubisoft

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