Ubisoft presents its new studio in Philippines
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We should talk more about this, all of us... I work multiple jobs in gaming and entertainment in general so I burn out once or twice a year and I need months to recover. Screw that.

by Pawel Stolecki
10 hours ago

That's really neat tool to have,leads me to dig dipper into pixel proccesor. Great job

by testure
16 hours ago

@alex if i had to guess, they just finished two back-to-back AAA games in the same franchise and some people are seeing it as a good time to transition without burning bridges? aka business as usual?

Ubisoft presents its new studio in Philippines
29 March, 2016

Ubisoft presented brand new Ubisoft Philippines studio. Based in Santa Rosa Laguna, it’s Ubisoft’s 30th studio. Its manager is stated to be Chip Go, and it is under direction of Oliver de Rotalier, who’s the manager director of Singapore, Philippines, and Chengdu.

As we did in Singapore, we want to expose people to major triple-A franchise.

Oliver de Rotalier, Ubisoft

Ubisoft presents its new studio in Philippines

The University of De La Salle in Manila will help Ubisoft to build its staff by setting up a training program.

We will work with a local university to grow taken the industry needs. We’ll be crafting the right cirriculum, helping students and projects, to quickly grown the next generation of game developers — fits market in Philippines, and that’s why we consider contributing to the ecosystem as important.

Oliver de Rotalier, Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s studios around the world are quite useful. For example, Singapore has been of great help to different franchises. Developers created naval mechanics used in Assassin’s Creed franchise. Opened back in 2008 with only 22 people, it feeds more than 320 employees today.

Studio is set to grow from 50 people by the end of 2016 to 200 in five years. Ubisoft hopes not only to build better games with the new studio, but also contribute to the local economy. It is said that Santa Rosa was chosen for a number of reasons: schools, recreation, less crowding, a theme park were chief among them.

Santa Rosa’s very accessible, and more important, if go to Santa Rosa, it offers unique quality of life. As growing studio, the quality of life is important,. It’s easy, and it’s also a guarantee for those settle there [that they’re] 5-10 minutes from work, have a good balance in life. That was a big focus for us, and we’re happy to provide that.

Oliver de Rotalier, Ubisoft

Source: gamesbeat

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