3ds Max 2023 Features Revealed

Autodesk has revealed the list of new features and improvements in the upcoming 3ds Max 2023.

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Autodesk has unveiled the features and improvements of the upcoming 3ds Max 2023, the updated version of the company's software for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and visualization. According to Autodesk, the 3ds Max 2023 release focuses on personal and team productivity, modern asset creation, and real-time workflows.

The update brings multiple improvements to the tool's retopology capabilities, a new Autobackup Toolbar, glTF Material & Exporter, and multiple other features that should make working with 3ds Max much more convenient. Here's a list of some of the new features:

Retopology Pre-Processing: In update 2023, a number of improvements have been made to 3ds Max's Retopology Tools to handle large amounts of data and increase the productivity of artists. The update will bring the option to Remesh a model as a pre-processing step before computing retopology. You will also be able to utilize the ReForm Pre-Process model to generate a proxy remesh object that will be utilized as the data set for the Retopology algorithms to work with.

Retopology Data Propagation: The update brings the ability to use the Display Mode pull-down menu to view the input, remesh, and output mesh results of the Retopology action. Mesh data that you are processing through ReFrom such as UVs, Normals, and so forth, will be maintained on the output mesh for Retopology.

Snap Working Pivot: The 2023 update will introduce Snap Working Pivot, a new method to adjust the Working Pivot while performing a variety of functions, such as using Smart Extrude, adding bones, or rigging.

glTF Material & Exporter: In 3ds Max 2023, you will be able to publish assets from your 3ds Max scene to glTF (Graphics Language Transmission Format) 3D content to use in web applications, online stores, browser games, and other modern online outlets.

Autobackup Toolbar: The update will introduce a new Autobackup toolbar that is provided as a part of the default user interface. The toolbar provides a simple means to visualize and interact with the Autobackup process.

Arnold Renderer – MAXtoA: 3ds Max 2023 includes MAXtoA 5.1.0 which introduces new features, bug fixes, performance optimizations, and production improvements.

And here are some other features that will also be introduced with 3ds Max 2023:

  • Occlude Selection Improvements: Occlude Selection is now three times faster than before. In addition, its accuracy is also greatly improved, especially when using various marquee-style selections, such as rectangle, circle, and freeform.
  • Unwrap UVW Keyboard Shortcuts: New user-requested keyboard shortcuts for the Unwrap UVW modifier were added to 3ds Max for 2023. They include shortcuts for Stitch, Pack, Grow, Shrink, and much more.
  • Active Manipulator: Users can now only display the manipulators for the active level of the modifier stack that the user is on.
  • On-Demand Installer for Revit and Inventor imports: 3ds Max now includes a new On-Demand Installer for Revit and Inventor imports, letting you install the Revit Interoperability and Inventor Interoperability components only when you need them, instead of during product installation.
  • Safe Scene Script Execution (SSSE) for Scene Script Assets: 3ds Max's SSSE feature has been extended to ensure that execution of unsafe scripted commands found in Script File Assets, such as pre and post render scripts, is blocked by default.

You can check out the full list of new features here. Please note that the link may appear broken. To solve this, just press the "What's New" tab on the left hand side of the screen.

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