A Cool New AI for Generating Videos from Text

The system learns what the world looks like from paired text-image data.

If you have already tried all of the recent text-to-image AIs and generating static pictures just doesn't cut it anymore, here's a cool AI system that you should definitely check out. Meet Make-A-Video, a new AI-powered system currently being developed by Meta that is capable of turning text prompts not into images but into videos instead.

Learning what the world looks like from paired text-image data and how the world moves from video footage, the system can generate somewhat realistic-looking short clips from text descriptions. Moreover, the system can also create videos from images or take existing videos and create similar new ones. According to Meta's developers, the system was created to demonstrate how people can create photorealistic illustrations and storybook-quality art using words, lines of text, and freeform sketches.

"We want to be thoughtful about how we build new generative AI systems like this," comments Meta. "Make-A-Video uses publicly available datasets, which adds an extra level of transparency to the research. We are openly sharing this generative AI research and results with the community for their feedback and will continue to use our responsible AI framework to refine and evolve our approach to this emerging technology."

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