A Destructible Library Made With UE5 and Niagara

The effect was inspired by Ghostwire: Tokyo and Skyrim's magic hands.

VFX Artist Alex Vinogradov demonstrated a cool new project that brings digital demolition to a whole new level. This time, the artist has managed to set up a destructible library FX inspired by Ghostwire: Tokyo and Skyrim's magic systems. According to the author, the environment assets were made by Aiko Shinohara while animations, Blueprints logic, and lighting were made by Alex himself. To create this variety of destruction effects, the artist utilized Unreal Engine 5 and its VFX tool Niagara.

"Niagara is so powerful, it is just mind-blowing," commented Alex. "Be sure to check dynamic papers reacting to spells. It would be impossible to make in Cascade. Now it's time to finally switch to Niagara?"

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