A Short Real-Time Film Made With UE5 and MetaHuman

The film was made by Gabriella Krousaniotak as a tribute to the MetaHuman team at Epic Games.

Have a look at Enzo: Vitruvian Metahuman, a short real-time film made by Virtual Production Artist Gabriella Krousaniotak in collaboration with 3D Character Artist Tomas Sackmann. Made by the duo of artists as a tribute to the MetaHuman team at Epic Games, the film depicts a realistic digital character made in Unreal Engine 5 and brought to life with the recently-released Mesh to MetaHuman plug-in by Epic.

According to the project's description, the Vitruvian Structure was built and rigged by 3D Artist Pixel Urge, while the character was sculpted from scratch in ZBrush by Thomas and brought to Unreal Engine 5 using Nanite. The artists utilized a custom-tailored Puget Systems workstation with an NVIDIA RTXA6000 to power the entire project. All of the motion capture fine-tuning and cleanup were done entirely in Unreal with Control Rig.

"For the facial performance I used the Faceware Mark IV HMC and Faceware Studio, to stream the data live into Unreal using the Glassboxtech Live Client plugin and record it," commented Gabriella on the mocap process. "For the body performance, I combined body data from Xsens with the Manus Prime II gloves, which was also used to create the Vitruvian man sculpture by merging the Metahuman motion capture data into one static mesh."

What's more, Gabriella also plans to reveal an in-depth behind-the-scenes video that promises to explain the working process and techniques behind the film. Here's a short preview of the upcoming breakdown released by the artist a couple of days ago:

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