Add the style of old JRPGs to your game with this Free Music Pack
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by Constantine Medvedev
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Great work and breakdown! Thanks for sharing :)

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Add the style of old JRPGs to your game with this Free Music Pack
22 June, 2016

David Vitas released his awesome RPG Music Pack. The goal of this pack was to capture the style of old JRPGs that he grew up with, while also modernizing the sound. These tracks were written and produced by him, and are 100% original.

Track list:

  1. Title Screen – 01:46
  2. Deep Forest – 02:15
  3. Time Cave – 01:25
  4. Town Theme – 03:12
  5. Overworld – 01:23
  6. Evil Gloating – 01:36
  7. Battle Theme – 01:18
  8. Victory Fanfare – 00:20
  9. Boss Battle – 01:38
  10. Lullaby – 01:33

All tracks are provided in uncompressed WAV format. Downloading this pack grants you a Royalty Free License for the music as long as you credit the original artist (CC-BY). Album artwork by Sketchcraft.

The pack is also available on SoundCloud and Bandcamp for listening.

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