Advice for Artists from Cliff Schonewill

Advice for Artists from Cliff Schonewill

The amazing artist shared some career advice, which might be useful for students and seasoned professionals.

Cliff Schonewill is a great artist. We’ve done a little interview with him a while back, go and check it out. If you are looking for something different – please consider his latest blog post, where he gives some interesting ideas for beginners. It’s more about the business side of it, and less about Brush sculpting, which doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Cliff gives recommendations on the way to craft your portfolio, by designing your specific hook. He also suggests that the portfolio should actually answer the questions the person that might hire you has. Another great advice is not falling into showing ‘all you got’. It’s much better to be smart and strategic about the stuff you show.

Also, the same post dwells upon the different things that can make your ‘job experience’ better. Kind of obvious stuff, but still great to read through, especially if you’re planning to work with other artists.

You can check out Cliff Schonewill’s portfolio here.

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