Animation Artists Talk About Getting Into The Industry
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by michael clarke
2 hours ago

Homeworld is one of the best game developed by the peoples of canada, and i use to play this game one of the best gaming chair of canada, which is andaseat.

by Jonathan Hemmens
3 hours ago

Hi Jamin, It's probably fine to ask this if they haven't mentioned in on the job posting. However, if you understandably feel awkward doing so, I would recommend checking out Glass Door for average salaries for the position. This might give you a better idea :) cheers for reading.

There's a reason why it's called a Beta ... or Release Candidate, but yeah, go blender community!

Animation Artists Talk About Getting Into The Industry
5 March, 2018

Jason Shum has shared a new episode of his Animbreak web series with Blizzard Animator Lana Bachynski and BioWare Senior Animator Mike Jungbluth. The artists talked about their path and the way to break into the industry. Learn how to become a professional and meet some of the industry’s top talents.  

Blizzard Animator Lana Bachynski and Bioware Senior Animator Mike Jungbluth talk about how they broke into the game industry and we take viewer questions at the end! Lana and Mike also discuss what they have planned for this year’s GDC Animation Bootcamp and Animation Exchange. 

Jason Shum 

The series is all about animation as you might have guessed. Jason has already talked to a number of talented artists and he has more in store for you. Make sure to check out his FB group to watch previous episodes. 

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