Best of Sketchfab: Awesome Game Assets

Best of Sketchfab: Awesome Game Assets

Check out the new amazing work from Jeremy Spagnulo, Craig Johnson, Moon Dong Hwa, Artem Shupa-Dubrova, Gokul Panchal and Nick O’Brien.

Check out the new amazing works by Jeremy Spagnulo, Craig Johnson, Moon Dong Hwa, Artem Shupa-Dubrova, Gokul Panchal and Nick O’Brien.

Jeremy Spagnulo uploaded a very neat model of a real-time asset for Unity game “Battle of Astaros” by Laser Game Evolution. He personally did the art direction, concept, modeling and texturing for this project. This is a lovely example of hard surface modeling with a lot of details an neat paintwork. The asset does remind us of some Terrain Battle Cruisers from Starcraft.

Armada 01 – Laser Game Evo by jeremy.spagnulo on Sketchfab

Extremely stylish car model, created from 1975 Corvette reference images by Craig Johnson. The metal material here looks gorgeous. Craig is doing a lot of work for game industry. He mostly works with 3d vehicles. In particular, recently, he showed a lot of stuff he built for Agents of Mayhem. You can find more stuff on his Artstation page.

75′ Vette by baronkri on Sketchfab

Mobile game developer Genera Games published a very neat animated model of a Barbarian character. Very interesting sculpt is spiced up by metal materials, and lovely punchy animations. Genera Games helped to develop Gladiator Heroes, Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids and Shrek Sugar Fever. 

The ‘dumb’ gladiator from Gladiator Heroes by Genera Games Official on Sketchfab

Moon Dong Hwa is a very talented 3d sculptor from South Korea. His blog is something you should really study. He works with Zbrush, Tilt Brush and shows some amazing wip shots. Unfortunately, most of his work description is done in Korean. Moon also uploads his sculptures to Sketchfab, where you can find them in all the detail. This recent skin was done for the Gunpie Adventure game – a crazy mobile shooter built by Nexon. Looks really cool.

Tefnut Western Skin – Gunpie Adventure by Moon dong hwa on Sketchfab

Artem Shupa-Dubrova recently uploaded his own take on a Medieval knight, armed with a cool spear. Artem did a lot of cool work for Gameloft and he even did a little interview with us back in the day. This new project looks absolutely amazing. Lovely design of the armor and very simple metal materials work wonderfully. You can find the UVs here

Spear Knight by Artem Shupa-Dubrova on Sketchfab

Gokul Panchal did a little interpretation of the Titanfall 2 Wingman B3 Elite. The original concept for this gun was made by Danny Gardner for Titanfall 2. You’ve got to admire this fantastic look and the beautiful material work. The materials are both glossy and have a nice little layer of paint and some touches of wear. Lovely design.

Titanfall 2 Wingman B3 Elite by gokulpanchal on Sketchfab

Nick O’Brien from New Zeland continues to upload his amazing work on Sketchfab. This month we want to talk about his lean Wizard model, based on the concept by Tim Mack. It’s a great design and a wonderful example of simple 3d painting. Substance Designer and Substance Painter combo worked beautifully here.

Wizard by nickobrien94 on Sketchfab

Konstantin Neumann showed a very cool new design of the WW2 German radio station. It’s a simple asset with a lot of details. You just want to go and touch all those knobs and buttons. A lovely touch was the addition of the animation. looks phenomenally good.

FUSPRECH. F by Sladegeorg on Sketchfab

Isaac Lemus did a very cool little Barbarian sculpt. Very cool character with a lot of details. Modeled in Maya and bZrush, textures in Substance Painter. Looks very neat and tidy. Isaac actually has a lot of other designs, which you definitely should check out.

Barbarian by ysack on Sketchfab

Please come back next month for the next set of awesome works!

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