Bound for PS4 is About a Dancer and Modern Art

Bound for PS4 is About a Dancer and Modern Art

Sony Santa Monica and Plastic Studios are building a game that looks like a lovechild of “Tron” & Killer 7.

If you’ve been reading for a while now (you definitely should have), you know that we’re suckers for great visual design. We just love it. This new game “Bound” from Sony Santa Monica and Plastic Studios has successfully pushed all the right buttons. It looks incredible and we can’t wait to see it.

Plastic is a very small team a small team, which did a lot of work at the demoscene. This studio created Linger In Shadows and Datura for PS3. Their next game “Bound” is a 3D platformer with a mature story, awesome narrative techniques and unusual visual style. Developers believe that the game will appeal to hardcore gamers looking for the challenge. There’s going to be one big puzzle in the game and it could only be solved by a community of players working together.



Looking at the art side, we were searching for a style that is not deeply explored in video games, but still has a major influence on how our world looks today. We have concentrated on Modern Art in full flavor. If you are interested in art movements such as Suprematism, Concretism, Neoplasticism, or what Bauhaus has delivered, then you are going to love the world that we have created.

Michał “bonzaj” Staniszewski, Plastic Studios

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The game’s main character is a ballerina, played by a real dancer Maria Udod and her choreographer Michał Adam Góral. So the animation should be pretty sweet too. To complement the dancing the developers chose a wonderful soundtrack – a blend of ballet and electroacoustic music performed by Oleg “Heinali” Shpudeiko.


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