CGTrader Awards’ Sci-Fi Category
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This priest surely committed to his celibate there...

Cheap art will be just that. The true value lies in commitment and hard work. This is just a tool and without a creative mind operating it the results will hold no magic. Did photography kill painting? I think both are doing and developing rather well.

CGTrader Awards’ Sci-Fi Category
27 November, 2017

Take a look at the future with the best submissions of CGTrader Awards’ Sci-fi category.

Online marketplace CGTrader is running the CGTrader Awards: a worldwide art contest with prizes of over $50,000 in value. Since the CGTrader Awards: Best 3D art around the web is coming to an end, after having received about 2500 submissions in total, CGTrader chose the best artworks – the total leaders for each category. Sci – fi in its definition is the genre of speculating about the possible future and the outcomes of the scientific and technological evolution. And what better way to visualize the future than by seeing it through the eyes of the artists? Take a look at what future will be like according to the artists behind the best submissions of CGTrader Awards’ Sci-fi category.

Ragnarok Heavy Mech by Keriem Dijksma looks like a war machine from the future.

RobotSkin Female Android by David Letondor, inspired by Nivea’s concept art.

Andromech 2.0 (Grens) by Christophe Lacaux – the future humanoid?

Orbital Patrol by Carlos Andrés Osorio Cardona – inspired by Star Citizen game and Halo universe.

Bot Frame by Angela Rico, inspired by the concept by Kazi Rahman.

Astronaut by Andres Rios – the future of astronauts?

Dino 2.0 by Victoria Passariello, inspired by the original concept art made by Damir Saifutdinow.

Kill Zone Air by Zihao Zhu looks like it might be from the “Transformers” movie

Sand Viper by Nic Belliard – “A military hovering scouting vehicle transporting goods to the front, as it is one of its main purposes.”

Breathless (Eaten Character concept) by Domenico D’Alisa, based on the concept of a lonely, wandering explorer in an inhospitable wretched land

Shortly about the Awards

There are six categories that users can submit up to five different rendered 3D images to: Character, Cartoon, Environment/Scene, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Photorealism. Each artwork can be submitted only once to one category.

The prizes include licences (Cinema 4D, Modo, 3D-Coat and KeyShot), plugins and other tools, online rendering credits and even a 3D printing pen. What is more, each category has prizes of over $4,000.

The deadline is on 1st of December 2017, so there is still a little time to join.

Read more about the CGTrader Awards on CGTrader’s website

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