Clayxels for Unity Released

Check out a new Unity toolkit to create clay-like effects.

Spare Parts Oasis released a new toolkit for Unity that allows artists to do interactive volumetric sculpting in the editor and in-game.

The tool uses voxels to create a lightweight point-cloud which gives artists space for creativity.

Some technical details:

  • create game assets directly in Unity
  • no need to plan the production, add any changes during the process
  • includes a level design with complex shapes
  • generated point clouds are shaped by vertex
  • modify the volumes during gameplay
  • work with C# code or use standard Unity GameObjects
  • use Amplify Shader to edit existing nodes


Please note that the toolkit is still in development, and some features are available on Windows only. Your performance will vary depending on the GPU. Mobile phones and tablets aren’t supported.

Purchase the toolkit at Unity Asset Store.

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    Clayxels for Unity Released