Corona is Now Free!
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4 hours ago

$16 for a *very* non-performant material? If this was intended for use in high-detail scenes, not meant for gameplay, one would generally just use a flipbook animation, or looping HD video texture (both of which are higher quality and available for free all over). I love options, but c'mon, that's pretty steep. $5, maybe. And you can loop in materials, using custom HLSL nodes. Also, there are better ways of doing this, all around. Somewhere on the forums, Ryan Brucks (of Epic fame) himself touched on this. I've personally been working on a cool water material (not "material blueprint", thankyouverymuch) and utility functions, and am close to the quality achieved here, sitting at ~180 instructions with everything "turned on". The kicker? It's pure procedural. No textures are needed. So this is cool, no doubt about that. In my humble opinion though, it's not "good". It doesn't run fast, and it's more complicated than it needs to be.

Lee is right - you can use a gradient effect when you vertex paint in your chosen 3d modelling platform (I've done it in max), meaning the wind effect shifts from nothing to maximum along the length of the leaf/branch/whatever.

by Lee Stojkovic
4 hours ago

I'm fairly certain you can vertex paint the bottoms of the foliage and control the movement using vertex colors along with the wind node. I did this in an earlier project and was able to create a scene with grass that moved less and less as it went down until stationary. I created the grass and painted the vertexes black to red (bottom to top) in Maya.

Corona is Now Free!
26 June, 2017

Great news, guys. Corona is now free! When you download Corona from daily builds page, you are said to get a combined package that includes the standard Simulator-based product and the native-based product. The next public release of Corona is also said to be a similar combined product.



Corona will now use splash screen in exchange for this huge savings for users. You can purchase the Splash Screen Control plugin to remove or customize the default splash screen. To ease in the transition, users who previously paid for Corona Enterprise will receive a 1-year license for the Splash Screen Control plugin.


Q. What does “completely free” mean?

A. There are no limits. The previous income restrictions are gone, so feel free to earn as much money as you can. If you want to build and maintain your own plugins, you’re now free to do so. Of course, most developers don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so we will continue to offer and maintain a wide array of world-class monetization, analytics, and attribution plugins, conveniently available to help you make the most from your apps.

Q. How does Corona Labs make money under the free model?

A. First and foremost, we want to emphasize the value in using our current ready-to-go monetization plugins. Between paid advertising plugins, revenue-share-based plugins, and free monetization plugins where we have a partnership with the provider, we encourage you to build apps that use advertising as a component of your income strategy. The more successful your app is, the more successful we will be.

The Corona Marketplace is also an area we want to see grow. We encourage you to begin there and browse for any art/audio assets you may need, as well as game templates which can be used to kick-start your own projects. We also want to encourage our developers to become content providers for the marketplace! If you have a game template that others can use as a framework — even if it’s a simple one — please submit it and create a new income stream for yourself as a Marketplace provider.

Another exciting development is that we are ramping up our publishing support. We are now working in cooperation with large, experienced publishers to make sure you have the best success possible. With our publishing services, you’ll gain access to pre-release services, cross-promotion, user acquisition, in-game analytics, App Store Optimization (ASO), and more.

Q. I just purchased Enterprise last week. Can I get a refund?

A. We recognize that many people may have purchased Corona Enterprise yesterday, last month, or six months ago. Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds, but to compensate for these changes, existing Enterprise customers will get a 1-year license for the Splash Screen Control plugin.

In addition, existing Corona Enterprise “Small Business” subscribers will receive one year of our Priority support subscription, while Enterprise “Unlimited” subscribers will receive one year of our Priority Plus support.

Corona Labs 

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why is it clickbait? Looks like Corona SDK is free as advertised. Maybe you were expecting free beer?


This is not corona render. Its 2d game Engine