Cows Wearing VR Headset Have Better Milk

Cows are happier in the virtual world than on farms, and, apparently, this can affect the quality and quantity of their milk. 

There's no doubt that VR technology is only on its way to our everyday lives, and there are some cases when the technology is used in a very unexpected way. As an example for you, it was recently reported that the VR headset for cows was tested on the farm in the Moscow region. 

The aim of the research was to see if a more pleasant view can change the animal's mood and, of course, milk production. Specifically for this research, farmers from the Moscow region and IT-specialists created a modified version of the VR headset, considering the anatomic structure of cows' heads and features of their eyesight. 

A modified VR headset was created under the control of veterinarians and manufacturers. According to a number of scientific researches, cows perceive red colors of the spectrum better than blue and green ones. These features were taken into account when creating a program for the modified VR headset.

Check more about the research here.

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  • Robert Bruce

    This is an absolutely disgusting use of VR. Cows are not magic milk machines. They are impregnated by force, have a 9 month pregnancy, have their babies stolen from them. The boy babies are killed and the girls suffer the same fate as their mother. This process is repeated yearly until the cow is 'spent' then they are killed for meat. It's an inherently cruel industry and adding VR to this is weird and out of touch.


    Robert Bruce

    ·7 months ago·

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Cows Wearing VR Headset Have Better Milk