Creating Realistic Portraits of Roman Emperors Using GAN

Daniel Voshart shared his project of bringing a realistic look to 54 Roman Emperors of The Principate made with a neural-net tool, Artbreeder.

Designer Daniel Voshart revealed his project, 54 Roman Emperors of The Principate (27 BC to 285 AD) with realistic looks.

For the project, he used a GAN-based tool, Artbreeder, and Photoshop. To make them look more authentic, Daniel relied on the historical description of their facial features, hair and eyes colors. He also used the references of their appearances right before death or before the serious illness.

You can get the working file of the print David used here.  Don’t forget to visit his website to check out more artworks with portraits, environment, and VR projects.

A while ago, Nathan Shipley shared his experimental project also using the GAN-based approach. Using NVIDIA’s tool, StyleGAN, he gave Pixar character a realistic look. Find more details on the project here.

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