Desert, Moebius, Unity 5 & Modern Art Mixed in One Game
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Desert, Moebius, Unity 5 & Modern Art Mixed in One Game
10 May, 2017
A small indie studio from North London is working on a stunning game with some very clever visuals.

First of all, don’t get your hopes up, just yet. This is nothing more than a piece of a prototype. The game doesn’t even have a name, not to mention actual gameplay, but it’s definitely worth looking at. 

This project is being developed by a duo of young guys from North London, who are working (as they put it) in a shed. The company is called Shedworks (pun intended). Unlike many studios out there, this company actually has a number of titles in the portfolio, so this new game will definitely go places.

We’ve contacted with Gregorios Kythreotis – one of the developers behind the project. Unfortunately, the team is not ready to discuss the details, since it’s a very early stage in the development process. It might be an open world game with racing elements, or it might be something else entirely. It’s being developed with Unity, but it’s not a mobile title. There’s no final list of future platforms available, so your imagination may run wild for now.

It was actually Tor Frick, who posted the gif from the game on his Facebook feed, which drew our attention. He mentioned that the visual style of the title might be inspired by Moebius. Gregorios said that the famous comic artist is definitely one of the references. There’s a lot more influences though: Katsuhiro Otomo, Studio Ghibli, Star Wars.

Simon Stålenhag

Ian McQue

There are actually a lot of architectural references such as the Metabolists and Scarpa, as well as more modern artists like Simon Stålenhag, Ian McQue, Thomas Romain and Jared Muralt. Quite an artistic game, we’ve got on our hands.

Thomas Romain

Jared Muralt

We’re really looking forward to this one. Follow the production progress on the official blog


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“It’s being developed with Unity, but it’s not a mobile title” Ehm are you under the assumption that all Unity games are mobile titles? I don’t see the reason why you had to make that distinction


Definitely saw the Steamboy influence in there! Glad to hear that somebody’s being inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo’s movies