ECHO: You Are Not You
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
San Francisco US   19, May — 24, May
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Great job and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Frankly I do not understand why we talk about the past of this CEO. As a player I do not care about what he did or not until his games are good. As an Environmental Artist instead I see a game with a shaky graphics. It is completely without personality, emotion and involvement. It can hardly be considered acceptable especially for the 2019 platforms (which I understand will be the target of this game). Well, this is probably an indie group, with no experience facing a first game in the real market. And that's fine. Do the best you can that even if you fail, you will learn and do better. From a technical point of view the method you are using is very old. It can work but not as you are doing it. I bet you're using Unity, it's easy to see that since I see assets from their asset store. Break your landscapes more, they are too monotonous and contact real 3D artists and level designers. One last thing, the last screenshot is worse than all the previous ones. The lights are wrong and everything screams disaster. Avoid similar disasters in the future.

But are they real or is it a mockery? or a scam? Truly horrible flat graphics and lacking a real sense of aesthetics. Ui devoid of consistency and usability. Do they really have a graphic art department? Imho in 2018 using such tricks so massively denotes profound technical incompetence.

ECHO: You Are Not You
31 August, 2016

We’ve told you about ECHO quite some time ago. It’s a very interesting experimental project, which takes a lot of liberties with traditional gameplay mechanics. You play as En – a girl, who wakes up from stasis. She finds herself in a Palace – a marvel of the old civilization. The palace is inhibited by echos – direct copies of En, which repeats everything you do. The trailer explains all the mechanics much better than me.

The Palace creates “Echoes”, exact copies of you in every way, that behaves like you and only do the things you do. So the way you play the game shapes your enemy. If you run, soon the Echoes will get faster. If you sneak, they will get stealthier. If you shoot, they will start to shoot back. The game constantly reacts to your every choice and input.

The Palace “reboots” every few minutes, resulting in a blackout. This blackout-cycle is the rhythm at which the “Echoes” get updated with your latest behavior, learning and unlearning from your actions. During the blackout the palace is blind, giving you the freedom to act without consequence. This is the time to run and gun and do all the things you don’t want the Echoes to learn.

ECHO_Echoes ECHO_Vault


What’s interesting about ECHO is the wonderful work with the environment. The levels look absolutely gorgeous, thanks to clever design and beautiful lighting/material combo. Plus the devs saved a bunch of time of content creation, reusing character models and arch-meshes. Very clever approach to game production.  You can check out the game at PAX WEST. Full release will be someday in spring 2017.


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Yigit Bekir Kaya
Yigit Bekir Kaya

Very interesting idea, indeed