Epic Games Releases a New Version of MetaHuman

The update simplifies the process of sharing your MetaHumans and makes it possible to edit aspects of MetaHumans' DNA files.

Epic Games has announced the release of a new version of MetaHuman, the company's robust framework for Unreal Engine that enables you to create fully rigged photorealistic digital humans in minutes. The update brings two great new features, making it much easier to share your MetaHumans with others and bringing the possibility to edit aspects of MetaHumans' unique DNA files to customize them and integrate them into your pipeline.

Regarding the former, with the new release, it is now possible to download the digital human's description as a MetaHuman binary file from MetaHuman Creator and send it to your friends or colleagues, who can then instantly view a copy of that MetaHuman by uploading the file to Creator, enabling you to show off your MetaHumans and collaborate on them in a simpler manner.

Another great feature the update brings is the new MetaHuman DNA Calibration Library, which includes a neat DNA Viewer application that enables you to import DNA files into Maya, allowing you to rename and remove joints, Blend Shapes, animated maps, and meshes, select a subset of LODs to retain, translate, rotate, and scale the rig, and adjust the neutral shape by editing the vertex positions and setting a new bind pose.

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