Flix 5.4 Available
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Flix 5.4 Available
9 July, 2018

Foundry presented a new version of Flix, the team’s story development, and 2D storyboarding tool. The update brings new Photoshop tools to automatically send a Master Image to a sequence as a reference when generating multiple boards from a single Photoshop document, plus a new Replace Actions to replace multiple panels at once when changing a single Photoshop document.  

New and Improved Photoshop tools

Get started with your thumbnail pass directly using Photoshop and Flix, instead of starting on paper and then cleaning-up digitally, allowing for a more efficient first pass. Flix will now automatically send a Master Image to your sequence as reference when generating multiple boards from a single Photoshop document, so you don’t have to. New Replace Actions now allow you to replace multiple panels at once when making changes to a single Photoshop document affecting more than one board. This applies to Layer Comps and also when using the Frame Timeline, the Selection tool, or the Video Timeline, for a faster revision workflow.

Editorial Enhancements

A range of new editorial enhancements reduce manual processes. There’s now no need to manually create a Contact Sheet before publishing to Premiere: Flix will automatically generate it and highlight any new clips to be delivered to editorial. New clips can be automatically exported as AAFs, along with the ALE and audio, to a pre-set directory upon publish. Editorial emails from Flix will now point to the Contact Sheet to make it easier to find, an include a direct link to your Editorial interface to export AAFs when using Avid.

Notes and Highlights Enhancements

The highlights color palette has beFlix en re-designed in Flix 5.4 for a more intuitive workflow and more consistent colors. We’ve also improved the accessibility of the draw tools, making the brush and eraser sizes slightly bigger for more control over notes drawn directly in Flix. Drawn notes are now visible as an extra layer when opening panels in Photoshop, for an easier revision workflow. PDFs exported out of Flix will now highlight annotated panels, and show the hand drawn note directly in the contact sheet. It’s also possible to export all your annotated boards as JPEGs with the new Export Notes plugin.

Dialogue Workflow Enhancements

We’ve made some improvements to our Dialogue Workspace in Flix 5.4, making the thumbnails larger and removing the clutter around them. This change will allow you to easily refer to the handwritten notes on the panels, and enter the dialogue more efficiently. We’ve also added the ability to burn-in the dialogue when using the Export Movie plug-in. Flix will now add the dialogue below each panel when exporting a QuickTime, making it easier to access this information outside of Flix when needed.

More exciting features in Flix 5.4

And more….

A whole range of additional improvements and enhancements have been made in Flix 5.4 that make story development easier, faster and more efficient. These include: 

  • Shotgun support for episodic shows
  • Ability to upload full sequence version to Shotgun
  • Storyboard Pro 6 support
  • New “Install SBP Scripts” plug-in
  • Maya 2018 support
  • Updated 3rd party icons and other minor UI improvements


You can learn more about the release here

Source: foundry.com

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