Free Croissants For 3D Scenes
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by jhon perker
5 hours ago

The new features facial expression is very unique and the first launch in apple. I have used this expression, and I love to use this. this is very funny and look like the original. but sometimes it refuses to express then i prefer to go Apple Support Australia.

by Matthew
6 hours ago

You may want to credit Critical Role and Sam Riegel for the character creation.

by Admin
11 hours ago

hahaha, oh sorry, man we'll fix. is there a way we can actually contact him???

Free Croissants For 3D Scenes
10 December, 2017


  • 3 photoscan-based, real-time 3D models of croissants
  • 2 Levels of Detail, each provided with own set of 4K textures
  • custom collision meshes


  • highly detailed, realistic PBR textures based on photoscans
  • closed topology created with photogrammetry and optimized for in-game use
  • 2 Levels of Detail allowing to choose prefered mesh resolution

Dedicated for

  • video game development (as level elements or usable items)
  • cinematic shots (such as camera closeups)
  • architectural visualisation & illustration (as pieces of background or indoor decorations)


  • textures were enhanced in Substance Painter and exported for Unreal Engine 4, Unity and general Metallic/Roughness PBR workflow
  • naming convention is easy to understand and explained in attached txt files
  • 4K textures can be downscaled to preferred resolution


  • LOD 0: 943 verts (1882 tris), LOD 1: 252 verts (500 tris)
  • LOD 0: 1191 verts (2378 tris), LOD 1: 257 verts (510 tris)
  • LOD 0: 1224 verts (2444 tris), LOD 1: 243 verts (482 tris)

Available formats of meshes

  • blend
  • max
  • fbx
  • obj

Available formats of texture sets

  • PBR Metallic/Roughness workflow: Base Color, Roughness, Normal (DirectX), Ambient Occlusion; totally 40 16 bit png files
  • Unreal Engine 4: Base Color, Normal (DirectX), combined Ambient Occlusion (red channel), Roughness (green channel) and Metallic (blue channel); totally 30 8 bit png files
  • Unity: Albedo, Normal (OpenGL), Ambient Occlusion, combined Metallic (RGB) and Smoothness (alpha channel); totally 40 tga files


  • collisions: yes, custom
  • units: meters
  • resolution of textures: 4096×4096

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