Free Rocket Girl Rig for Blender & Maya

Go grab two free rigs to practice animation. 

 Luciano Muñoz Sessarego released Rocket Girl, a Blender character rig of a retro-style superhero, and shared a one-hour timelapse video that showcases the artist's animation workflow. Free of charge!

The asset is based on a free Maya character rig created by animator Vladimir ‘VMComix‘ Mokhov. You can grab the Maya version for free too. The rigs will help you practice animation and learn new tricks.


  • Full IK/FK blending on arms and legs and hybrid IK/FK systems for torso and head.
  • "Snappable" IK knees and elbows, with optional FK forearm.
  • Bendy controls to add arcs to arms/legs.
  • Local and Parent space switching for various body parts.
  • Versatile face rig with tweak controls for head, eyelids, lips, teeth (must be turned on via head control)
  • Resolution control including a basic non-skinned proxy rig for faster interactivity.

You can find the Blender version here and the Maya version there

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