Immersive Survival Shooter Into the Radius Is Now Available on Quest

The game features diverse natural, industrial and urban locations and offers realistic handling of various classic and modern weapons.

A single-player survival VR shooter from CM Games, Into the Radius, has become available on Quest. The title was first released in 2020 on PC VR and now, two years later, the owners of Quest 2 have the opportunity to play this immersive survival/horror game on their current-generation standalone VR hardware.

Into the Radius offers hours of slow-paced suspenseful survival featuring diverse natural, industrial and urban locations with vast exploration potential.

Playing as Explorer #61 – an amnesiac who is probably the last human left alive in the Perchorsk zone which became anomalous following the mysterious 1987's event – your main task is to survive while exploring the miles of the Radius, which is filled with deadly anomalies, and doing some jobs given by the United Nations task force.

While playing the game, you'll also have to recover strange artifacts, scavenge for loot as well as uncover the mysteries of the dystopian environment of the Perchorsk Anomaly Zone.

The game offers realistic handling of various classic and modern weapons – for instance, you'll have to hand-load magazines, keep track of individual bullets, and manually chamber rounds. In addition, you'll also need to maintain your magazines and weapons by hand using oil, brushes, and paper towels. 

While going on the missions, you'll face various enemies – though they are often not really smart, be careful and prepare your ammunition in advance as they are numerous and would chase you for ages once they see or hear you.

Into the Radius Quest 2 version comes with a number of comfort options. For instance, you can turn with snap movement, controllers, head tracking, or a combining several Quest 2 features.

Players also have the ability to customize several individual facets of the game’s overall difficulty – for example, you can minimize or maximize the impact of some mechanics like hunger or weapon degradation or customize enemies’ health pools, damage output, and sensory radius to make it easier or harder to play the game.

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