Invisible, Inc. Interview: Procedural Spy Game for PS4 and PC
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I love World Creator, especially the vegetation distribution pipeline. You can create some very realistic fields with it. Im going to check out impostors too - ive seen it a few times and wondered what it's about.

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Stupid Rental. My Zbrush that I haven't paid for an update in years and is perpetual Trumps that on all counts.

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Invisible, Inc. Interview: Procedural Spy Game for PS4 and PC
15 April, 2015

On May 12 Klei Entertaiment (Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve) is going to release its next title – a turn-based espionage thriller Invisible, Inc (PC). We’ve talked with the game’s technical designer James Lantz and discussed the tech and the funding behind this incredible project.

About Invisible, Inc.


Invisible, Inc © Klei Entertaiment, 2015

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based procedural stealth game. You control 2-4 agents, go into levels and try to get out of the room. There’s also lots of money and information lying around. The gamers can go straight to the exit or snoop around the level. Like in games like FTL you always want to get those additional items to upgrade your agents. It’s a risk vs reward mechanic that pushes you to make some really tough decisions. You’re also need to carefully use the information to plan far into the game.

Technology and Funding


Invisible, Inc © Klei Entertaiment, 2015

We’re using NoAI. It’s a very nice lightweight Lua library which is ideal for multiplatform games. It also allows us to do basic OpenGL stuff, so it’s pretty cool. NoAI gives us an opportunity to target different platforms. Initially we’re aiming at PC and Linux, but as you might have heard we’re also going to be at PS4.

We’ve originally had a grant from a local fund. It’s like a loan that Canadian government gives to you and if you start making money off the game you’ve got to give it back. We’ve also invested a lot of money from our other games. Don’t Starve is huge source of resources for us.

Being A Well-known Indie company


Invisible, Inc © Klei Entertaiment, 2015

It’s great that people know about us and appreciate our games. The biggest advantage of being well-known is actually being able to get to Steam, without Greenlight. We’re incredibly lucky to have the kind of support from the community and the industry that some other indies are struggling to get.


Invisible, Inc © Klei Entertaiment, 2015


James Lantz, Klei Entertaiment

Invisible, Inc. coming to Steam on May 12 and sometime later on PS4.

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