Jonathan Blow in Game Changers
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Jonathan Blow in Game Changers
15 November, 2016
IGN is running a nice series of YouTube videos called ‘Game Changers‘. It is devoted to the developers, who had a huge impact on the world of video games. The recent episode is centered on Jonathan Blow – the creator of Braid.

The most interesting thing about this project is the choice of timing and the platform. Initially, Blow wanted to launch the game on Steam, but Valve was reluctant to support the game and was not really sure about the success of the project. They made a very small forecast of 5k copies. However, Blow found another way out. He worked with Microsoft to launch Braid on Microsoft Live Arcade. The initial sales of the project were significantly more – over 50k copies (and it got more).

Blow actually invested a huge amount of money in the game and was literally broke before the launch. If he failed, probably it would be his last independent game. It’s great to see that the whole thing has worked out.

Author: Kirill Tokarev


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