Last of Us Part II: New Tech, New Story
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Last of Us Part II: New Tech, New Story
30 October, 2017

Naughty Dog’s creative director Neil Druckmann revealed some information about the upcoming title.

Naughty Dog originally revealed Last of Us Part II about a year ago. And after that there was silence. The staff was very busy working on the new Uncharted: Lost Legacy (which turned out wonderfully). Now after the initial release, Sony has finally shown the second short video, showing a little of the game and the exciting tech behind it.

In the following dev video Neil Druckmann talked a little bit about the development:

It’s been really hard to keep silent for so long, but you know, in the meantime we’ve put out our little game called Uncharted The Lost Legacy. With that finally out there, the entire studio is now on Last of Us Part II. We’re in full production.

Every game leverages all of what we’ve learned and all of the technology we’ve built on the previous titles. Last of Us Part II is definitely using all the tech, all the engine improvements we’ve made in Uncharted 4. We’ve also had some more time to build some more tech to further increase the fidelity of our game.

This is the next evolution of our Naughty Dog engine. As far as lighting, as far as our character pipeline, how we do muscle deformation, rain effects, even our facial performance capture – everything is entirely new.

This is what Druckmann had to tell about the story itself:

The Last of Us at its heart is about Joel and Elly and their journey, but it’s also an ensemble piece where all those other characters fitting in. This time we’ve wanted to focus on some of the other really important characters.

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered, but it’s nice to see at least some of the info released. I’d really like to learn more about the amazing facial tech, lighting, and rain at the upcoming GDC! Meanwhile, check out previous trailer as well.

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