Lighting Techniques in Resident Evil 3 Remake

A 3D Environment Artist behind Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm Thiago Klafke discussed the lighting techniques in the RE3 remake and what they accomplish.

A 3D Environment Artist Thiago Klafke discussed lighting techniques in the RE3 remake. According to the artist, the point of this discussion was not to share a technical guide on lighting in games but to show what each technique accomplishes. The breakdown is accompanied by screenshots from the actual game to show how different lighting affects the game.

"I’ve been playing RE3 Remake and I’m in love with the lighting. The team used every trick in the book to achieve a believable and immersive world, while still being very gamey and helping with navigation.

In this post, I don’t intend to write a comprehensive technical guide on how the rendering engine works, but instead, show several examples of lighting techniques and what they are accomplishing.

Great lighting becomes part of the background, creates shapes, helps materials read properly, and subtly guides the player around the level," comments Thiago.

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