Little Devil Inside: The Way Indie Games Should Look (UPDATED)
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I love it !

by chaitanya krishnan
7 hours ago

Wow this is really extensive! Thanks for sharing, I just started with tiltbrush and Masterpiece Vr using a mixed reality kit

after reading this incredible article, im still left with the question..."but, HOW?!"

Little Devil Inside: The Way Indie Games Should Look (UPDATED)
10 April, 2015

We often talk about original indie projects, but frankly there’s still a lot of games that look very much alike. Developers of Little Devil Inside managed to create a simple minimalistic game that seems like nothing we’ve seen in the indie scene for the last year. UPDATE: New information about the developers added.


Little Devil Inside © NeoStream, 2015

UPDATE (04.10.15):

Some new facts about Little Devil Inside (via Google Translate of article).The game is being created in South Korea.

The game is being created in South Korea.
Two brothers Jae – Joon and Lee Jae-hyuk are working on the title.
The game has been in development for 2 years.
Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launched ($250,000 goal).
Little Devil Inside will be released in 2016.
The pre-alpha version is up and running.

Little Devil Inside is a 3D action adventure RPG that takes place in a surreal location. The game combines a lot of different mechanics. There are story-driven missions, survival elements, random events, action oriented combat and lots of weapons. But what really makes this project stand out from the crowd is its fantastic visual style.


Little Devil Inside © NeoStream, 2015

The level and quality of visuals is unprecedented. It’s all very minimalistic but there are tons of effects, particles and other stuff that makes the world feel very much alive.

We believe Little Devil Inside’s unique art and design style deployed in a 3D environment will give yet a new kind of gaming experience for lovers and seekers of emotionally engaging and challenging action adventure RPGs.


We were able to contact the developers but we have no interview yet. Stay in touch. We’ll be updating this article as we have more information.

Source: Greenlight


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[…] the indie community by surprise later this spring when the company announced its new game Little Devil Inside. This incredible […]