Material Maker 0.6 Available

Rod Zilla has released Material Maker 0.6, the latest version of his cool free procedural texture generator.

The developer states that the tool is now a lot more generic and nearly all generators are based on GLSL shaders that can be edited. "To test this feature, just drag one from the library to the graph editor, selected the newly created node and hit Ctrl+F," noted the developer. "The node becomes editable, and hitting the pencil button will show the shader editor that can be used to define the node's parameters, inputs, outputs, and GLSL functions that will be used to generate textures." Please note that as of this moment it lacks diagnostic tools, so you should probably use code you already tested. All the generators are resolution-independent.

Also, the tool now provides the ability to create a group of interconnected generators using Ctrl+G. By doing this, you will set up a new node that includes the previously selected ones, while keeping all connectivity with other nodes of the graph. To edit the new subgraph, you just need to click on the pencil button of the newly created node. In order to get back to the parent graph, use the Up button in the top left corner of the view. 

What is more, all nodes now have embedded previews. "Just click on the closed eye left of each node output to open it." The developer also noted that the 3D preview can now be moved manually, and the "O" button in its top-right corner will show the preview as the background of the graph view.

You can learn more about the latest version here.

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    Material Maker 0.6 Available