New in V-Ray 3.3 for Maya released
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New in V-Ray 3.3 for Maya released
3 March, 2016

Chaos Group presented V-Ray 3.3 for Maya, next update to the Maya version of its well-known renderer, bringing along the feature set in line with the 3ds Max edition of the software. Tons of new features, speed boosts of 20-50% on most scenes.

V-Ray 3.3 for Maya boosts performance across the board – by “20-50% on most scenes”. Next version also adds Chaos Group’s Variance-based Adaptive Sampler (VBAS), used for better noise detection for cleaner, higher quality images.

In addition, GPU support has been added for rendering hair – subsurface scattering, displacements, tiled textures, and light cache GI.

New in V-Ray 3.3 for Maya released

Below you look at most of the new features.

New features in V-Ray 3.3 for Maya

  • Ray Traced Rounded Corners: generate smooth edges between different objects at render time with no extra modeling
  • Blended Triplanar Mapping Texture: quickly apply seamless textures without UVs
  • Stochastic Flakes Material: create ultra-realistic materials with sparkle effects like snow, sand, and car paints
  • V-Ray Falloff Texture: add falloff and Fresnel effects based on viewing direction
  • New Sky Model and Aerial Perspective: simulate more natural looking skies with the new Hosek sky model, and add realistic atmospheric depth with the aerial perspective volume shader
  • V-Ray Clipper with Render-Time Booleans: create sections and cutaways using any mesh objects

Updated features

  • Faster Volume Rendering
    Faster volume rendering with probabilistic sampling
    Supports OpenVDB caches from Houdini 15 and FumeFX
    Preview volume grid objects in the Maya viewport
  • Improved Global Illumination
    More robust reflective GI caustics for better light propagation, and more natural illumination of interior scenes
  • Look Development
    Now supports look development nodes introduced in Maya 2016 Extension 1
  • OpenSubdiv 3.0
    Now supports the latest version of OpenSubdiv
    Up to 2X faster performance when calculating the subdivided meshes
    Added support for color sets
  • XGen
    Cache XGen collections to V-Ray scene files for better performance
    Added support for displacement, subdivision, and custom attributes through VRayUserColor texture
    Added support for frame animation from archive
  • User Interface
    Optimized user interface and default render settings

V-Ray 3.1 for Maya is available for Maya 2013+, running on 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Licence will cost a developer $1,040. Render nodes, which also work with other versions of V-Ray got a price of  $350.

It is worth mentioning that the update is free to registered users. You can read more about the new update here.


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