OpenToonz 1.1.3 Available
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7, Mar — 12, Jun
San Francisco US   19, May — 24, May
Krakow PL   21, May — 23, May
London GB   29, May — 1, Jun
Birmingham GB   1, Jun — 4, Jun
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by Matthieu CHOLLET
15 hours ago

Lovely work ! You mentioned "When lighting the scene, I used Light Functions to create the illusion of light passing through clouds, thus lighting the environment unevenly" do you think you could show what is the setup to get such a precise result ?(meaning highlight the area you want?)

by Emanuel
24 hours ago

Amazing art. I'm curious how the rocks manage to be such a natural part of the terrain! It really looks like they have been there for ages.

OpenToonz 1.1.3 Available
15 June, 2017

The new version of the OpenToonz open source 2D animation software is out. The latest edition features improved UI, better stability, Xsheet Toolbar, Bokeh effect, SoapBubble effect, high DPI monitor support and more upgrades. 


  • Introduced New Theme: Astral_048, 072, and 128. 
  • Xsheet Toolbar. 
  • New Fx: SoapBubble Iwa. 
  • New Fx: Bokeh Iwa. 
  • Color filtering feature for columns in camstand view. 
  • New options for input cells in xsheet effectively. 
  • Set auto markers command. 
  • Subfolder popup for the camera capture feature. 
  • Scrubbing the timeline options with shift + wheel. 
  • Sound playback in combo viewer.
  • High dpi monitors support.


  • Fixed crash on loading a sequence with a malformed frame number.
  • Fixed crash on applying shortcut preset.
  • Fixed crash on unfreezing preview. 
  • Fixed crash on unlinking the level while opening the history panel. 
  • Fixed crash on saving the scene containing a missing AIFF level. 
  • Fixed crash on pressing arrow keys in the level strip. 
  • Fixed crash on running tconverter. 
  • Fixed crash on expanding history. 
  • Fixed crash on undo the paste into command with cell selection. 
  • Fixed crash on setting the camera scale to 0. 
  • Fixed crash on using the “skeleton mode” shortcut with the plastic tool. 
  • Fixed crash on rendering long scene with FFmpeg. 
  • Fixed crash on touching empty Flipbook. 
  • Fixed crash on switching raster level tools.
  • Fixed crash on changing frames while dragging the vector eraser tool.
  • Fixed assertion failure on screen pick.
  • Fixed saving menu bar in non-English environment not to lose English titles. 
  • Fixed auto-save behavior for untitled scene. 
  • Fixed confliction warning with pixels only mode. 
  • Fixed preview fx updating render result. 
  • Fixed invalid scene path when import scene from sandbox to another project. 
  • Fixed the flipbook’s console to be updated when the “Blank Frame” option is changed. 
  • (Partially) fixed vector shapes unfillable. 
  • Fixed the “Convert File” command available from main menu bar. 
  • Fixed level placement behavior. 
  • Fixed changing name on change level type in new level popup. 
  • Fixed removing deleted scene from the “recent scene” items in the startup. 
  • Fixed stuck playback when using loop shortcut. 
  • Fixed initial position of new zerary fx node. 
  • Fixed the convert feature from NAA raster images to TLV. 
  • Fixed the info popup and the flipbook opened from the file browser to be able to close. 
  • Fixed FFmpeg types and spritesheet type render wrong frames. 
  • Linux: Fixed non-printable null character appeared in xsheet.
  • Linux: Fixed paths to fxs and library folders. 

You can find more information on the latest version here

Download OpenToonz

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