Overwatch – Early In Development Gameplay Footage
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by Tomasz Wikliński
6 hours ago

Great stuff. And many thanks for those tuts by Jason! They helped me a lot.

Those animations look amazing!! Great job!

Overwatch - Early In Development Gameplay Footage
6 November, 2017

The latest BlizzCon featured something special. Jeff Kaplan and Michael Chugame presented a look at some of the earliest stages of Overwatch, including the very first sequence rendered in the engine from 2013.

Basically, the video is a marvelous step-by-step look at Overwatch’s evolution. Tracer was the first character the team was working. Tracer had no guns, so she had to use lazer eyes. The video starts with some basic builds of the Temple of Anubis map.

UI, lighting, and level design are followed by new heroes and some early versions of abilities such as Spirit Dragon and Reinhardt’s charge. It appears that Genji’s Dragonblade was his unlimited regular attack!

Source: YouTube

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