Paint of Persia: East Rotoscoped Pixel Art
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by Mandy Rozana
1 days ago

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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
1 days ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Paint of Persia: East Rotoscoped Pixel Art
30 June, 2016

This awesome free tool allows you to build incredible pixel art images from photos.


Basically, Paint of Persia allows the user to draw over stills and videos, creating a rotoscoped pixel art animation and sprites. The results look literally magical. The tools name is inspired by the legendary computer game Prince of Persia, which used similar rotoscope techniques to build animation of the sprite character. The coolest thing is that you can try this tool for free!



Paint of Persia easily works with animation sequences. You can work with each singe frame or with sprite sheets (PNG/JPG). Don’t expect a lot from this software, but it’s a nice way to do some prototyping and maybe a way to produce some simple fast content for your game. Definitely worth a try.

The software was developed by Dunin. He’s working on making a more stable version of the build and bringing this tool to other operation systems.

Download Paint of Persia.


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