Painting on Meshes Using LightMapUV and RenderTexture

3D artist and game developer JOYCE (aka Minions Art) has shared another quick guide for the low poly fans.

3D artist and game developer JOYCE (aka Minions Art) has shared another quick guide for the low poly fans. The artist is still working on an action adventure game called Astro Kat and to fund the project, the specialist keeps publishing tutorials on game art and design. The new guide will show you how to paint on meshes using LightMapUV and RenderTexture .

Make sure to check out other low poly guides on Patreon. There are new GIF tutorials every 2 weeks there and a new devlog every month.

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  • derag

    Looks cool, but wouldn't be there artifacts where meshes UVs are separated? On lightmap tree can be in different position than rock, so drawing brush on rocks UV coordinates won't affect the tree near.



    ·5 years ago·
  • Evan

    Wow, this is very cool!  Just curious, what's the performance overhead for doing this per frame?



    ·5 years ago·

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