People Still Regularly Play Borderlands 2
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People Still Regularly Play Borderlands 2
16 May, 2019

A video game holding company Take-Two Interactive confirms they still see 1 million active unique users play Borderlands 2 every month.

During the earnings call, Take-Two has confirmed reaching new heights in light of the upcoming Borderlands 3 release in September 2019. It was also stated that the whole series has now been sold for over 43 million times.

The gamedev team says that the game is still being popular with players. Every month they see 1 million active unique users playing the game. The number is really huge considering that the game was released in 2012.

What we have now is that the game will:

  • have four story-based DLCs
  • have special events & raids
  • be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

This information is confirmed by lead designer Matt Cox.

The game will be available at E3 and we’ll definitely get more details by around this time. Let’s see what other heights Borderlands 3 is going to reach. Stay tuned!

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