Players Cancel System Shock Remake Pre-Orders Over AI-Generated Art Controversy

Multiple players have canceled their pre-orders for the System Shock remake after the game's publisher Prime Matter tweeted an image of SHODAN created using Midjourney.

Numerous players have reportedly canceled their pre-orders for the System Shock remake following a tweet from the System Shock publisher Prime Matter featuring art created using Midjourney.

In late April, Prime Matter posted an image on System Shock's Twitter account featuring SHODAN, the game's artificial intelligence character, made in Midjourney. 

The post featuring AI-created artwork of SHODAN on System Shock's Twitter did not sit well with some players, especially considering the current climate of the gaming industry, where the use of AI to generate content is under increasing scrutiny.

Prime Matter addressed the negative feedback from players on May 2 and explained that the controversial tweet was simply meant to be "meta."

"An AI using AI to imagine what AI would look like in a physical form; doesn’t get more meta than that… which was the entire point of starting the conversation," the message on the System Shock Twitter account reads.

Prime Matter clarified that while it does use AI technology, it is not intended to replace the creative input of talented individuals.

"This was never about using AI to create artwork instead of using real people. This was about using AI to imagine what AI imagines itself to look like," the message continues. "We will use AI again to create other pieces (including artwork). We may well use AI in other areas too. But this will never be at the expense of using skilled people or their creative talents."

Despite the explanation from Prime Matter, many players remained dissatisfied and announced their intention to boycott the System Shock remake. Some even reported canceling their pre-orders in response to the tweets.

Some fans have pointed out that Prime Matter's use of Midjourney contradicts its stance on valuing creative input, as the AI-generated art, such as the Midjourney-made SHODAN, is created using the work of other artists without permission.

Correction: Our previous story mistakenly attributed the AI-generated SHODAN tweets to Nightdive Studios, the developer of the System Shock remake. However, we would like to correct this error and clarify that the Twitter account responsible for these tweets is actually managed by the publisher Prime Matter.

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