Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1 Free To Download

Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1 Free To Download

PurePolygons made the amazing procedural pack for UE4 available for everyone free of charge.

PurePolygons made the amazing procedural pack for UE4 available for everyone free of charge.

Jacob Norris (the guy behind PurePolygons) has recently revealed that he made his amazing Procedural Natural Pack available for free. Previously, all of the PurePolygons tutorials were made entirely free on Gumroad.

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Procedural Nature Pack is a great tool, which allows you to create rivers, trees, vines and other natural elements completely procedurally. It won’t become a substitute for SpeedTree, but it’s a great tool to play around with. There’s also a demo scene hidden in this 2GB download, so you could check out how it all works. 

Check out the official description:


The rivers are all spline generated with a material that increases the speed of the river based off of the slope angles of the geo and adds foam to the water at the tops and base of any water falls. So there is no extra work on your part. Just place it and go!


Procedural moss placement on assets or vertex painted versions for the more precise individual.

Trees + Foliage:

Simply adjust the number of branches, angle, angle variance, twist of the tree trunk, wind intensity, up to 4 separate branch types per spline, and all of this can be found on each individual branch spline. Customize to your liking or copy and paste them all over! The branches randomize position and rotation, so no two are the same. It’s even more powerful when you start swapping in your own assets!


High quality hand sculpted terrain materials. Turn tessellation on or off for next-gen looking assets.


And of course rocks with worldspace color overlays and normals so you can scale and rotate them to any size or shape

without any distortion to the rock material.

Easily export any spline generated models that you create. Simply by selecting the generated meshes and using the export function. This can even be a quick modeling tool for your arsenal!

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