River Auto Material Gets an Update
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by Clinton Crumpler
7 hours ago

very nice!

by Remingthon
10 hours ago

Very impressive work dude!

by Remzi
13 hours ago

daşşağına gurban

River Auto Material Gets an Update
5 January, 2018

Version 1.3. adds particles, multiple river connections and many new spline options.  

RAM pack gives you ability to create very advanced river automatically. Shader generates few cascade type by slope of the mesh. You simply drag and drop river material into mesh or you could create it by our advanced spline tool and a stream is done. With all sliders and options you have full control on every river stage, you could control: specular, smoothness, speed, normal strength, tessellation strength, foam texture, shallowness, deep color, water depth and much much more. You could locally customize river or blend with other water systems by our vertex paint too. The river stream could work in every direction U, -U or V, -V of mesh UV map.

Here’s a closer look at all the available changes and updates:

– particle effects pbr and non pbr setup,

– paralel/multiple rivers connection now you could connect few rivers (IN/OUT)

– more cool noise control over the river

– transparent control at waterfalls (useful at fountains and big waterfalls)

– better spline mesh, much more optimised

– mesh shape curves

– spline point rotation XYZ (By Z you could create cascade at the flat area)

– enviro compatibility (we will add compiled shaders in minor update)

– mesh terrain snapping

– slider fix in UI

– new, clear UI with tips

– better tesselation effect (more regular)

– new additional realistic texture pack and material

  • new demo scene

You can download the pack here.

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