Sony’s New Phones to Create Detailed 3D Scans
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Sony's New Phones to Create Detailed 3D Scans
4 September, 2017

Sony has revealed a series of new devices at the Ifa technology show in Berlin that is said to be capable of creating detailed 3D scans of almost any object using the phone’s camera. The thing here is that the new system is not using the dual lens system or a depth sensor, just one camera lens and a clever app.

What is more, the project will not use any cloud services to generate 3D models. The app does all the math on the smartphone. The company states that the innovation was possible thanks to the power of the processor in its latest handsets.

The app is always looking for changes in light as the phone moves to determine depth. The scans could be used for 3D printing or for videos to share on social media. 

What will Apple and Google present to compete with Sony? The companies are said to be focused on augmented reality. Apple, for example, is going to push this trend with the new version of IOS this autumn. AR has many practical uses and can also be used for games and different applications. 


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