Space Art of Tim Barton
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Great job and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Frankly I do not understand why we talk about the past of this CEO. As a player I do not care about what he did or not until his games are good. As an Environmental Artist instead I see a game with a shaky graphics. It is completely without personality, emotion and involvement. It can hardly be considered acceptable especially for the 2019 platforms (which I understand will be the target of this game). Well, this is probably an indie group, with no experience facing a first game in the real market. And that's fine. Do the best you can that even if you fail, you will learn and do better. From a technical point of view the method you are using is very old. It can work but not as you are doing it. I bet you're using Unity, it's easy to see that since I see assets from their asset store. Break your landscapes more, they are too monotonous and contact real 3D artists and level designers. One last thing, the last screenshot is worse than all the previous ones. The lights are wrong and everything screams disaster. Avoid similar disasters in the future.

But are they real or is it a mockery? or a scam? Truly horrible flat graphics and lacking a real sense of aesthetics. Ui devoid of consistency and usability. Do they really have a graphic art department? Imho in 2018 using such tricks so massively denotes profound technical incompetence.

Space Art of Tim Barton
22 January, 2016

If you were ever looking for a good skybox for your space shooter or your space strategy, chances are you are looking for a good cloud-box or background. Well, you’re in luck cause today we’re going to introduce you to Tim Barton (not the director) but a very talented artist. Tim is actually a bridge engineer, but in his spare time he does some of the most amazing space art you can think of.


I started out wanting to do something realistic and I think I sorta accomplished that. The original coloring was some really bright green but then it caught on fire, and it mostly died. So now its the start of a huge cosmic forest fire. This piece took about 8 hours total, and the print quality file is so huge it might take 8 hours to upload it.


I present to you the “Amphitheatre of True Glory” (AKA the Mutated Jellyfish), a painting I have labored on for months. It is the culmination of untold hours, perhaps as much as a hundred, spent painting and detailing this work. It was based on the famous Pillars of Creation, a cloud formation in the Eagle Nebula.



This picture was painted from nothing, in roughly 12 hours while I listened to a lot of interesting lectures on physics, including Dr. Lawrence Krauss’ famous lecture “A Universe From Nothing”. This is the most fascinating information I have ever heard. I have watched it at least a dozen times in the last year.







What’s cool about Tim’s art is the sheer scope and the desing of his images. The best thing is that Tim doesn’t hide his knowledge. He does tutorials, talks and helps others to build their own visions of space. You can also support him on Patreon, hire him to do art or actually buy some of his paintings.


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