Star Wars: The Old Republic Awesome CGI Trailer
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Awesome CGI Trailer
10 October, 2016

On December 2nd 2016 BioWare is going to release Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion called Knights of the Eternal Throne. To set up the story the developers released a new CGI trailer, which is more exciting than the latest Star Wars movie. Unfortunately, we have no info on the artists, who worked on this amazing project. Some sources say that it’s Blur.

The new trailer is called “Betrayed,” which shows a talented young warrior, who’s getting lured to the dark side. A great piece of story with an astonishing quality of visuals. We’re not sure who’s behind this production, but BioWare did an awesome job here, no questions about it.







If you’re interested in the story make sure to check out the previous trailer in this series.

All the design of all the characters in those two (“Sacrifice” and “Betrayed”) were developed by Nuare Studio in a collaboration with Blur Studio.

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