Starbeeze steps into VR with ElemenTerra
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Amsterdam NL   25, Jun — 28, Jun
Los Angeles US   25, Jun — 28, Jun
Montreal CA   27, Jun — 1, Jul
Cambridge GB   28, Jun — 2, Jul
Guildford GB   29, Jun — 30, Jun
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Great work Gabe!

Incredible job, love the breakdown and can't wait to see what you make next!

Starbeeze steps into VR with ElemenTerra
31 March, 2016

Starbreeze, a company from Stockholm, announced a $750,000 publishing deal with Freeform Labs.The deal is said to be focused on maintaining the development of Freeform’s VR game ElemenTerra. It is another example of movement towards multibillion VR market.

In our continued pursuit to further advance and evolve in our understanding of virtual reality, we’ve cast a wide net, encompassing several areas; our hardware initiative in the StarVR HMD, developing our own VR experiences as well as in our role as a publisher for other VR centric content producers. We especially acknowledge the importance of research and a young fresh point of view as the industry is collectively exploring an entirely new medium

Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze CEO

By funding Starbreeze will take 50 percent of the royalties over the lifetime of the game.Intellectual property rights of the game will be shared between two companies equally.

Freeform will gain access to Starbreeze’s Los Angeles offices. The studio is run by Max Pittsley, Camille Kanengiser and Ian Donahue, graduates of USC’s Games & Animation department.


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