Stunning Final Fantasy IX Fan Art in Unity

Fabian Denter has recently shared the final look at his stunning Final Fantasy IX project in Unity. 

"Final Fantasy IX was the first game I fell in love with. I remember spending countless hours in its beautifully pre-rendered environments and now as I'm older I was interested in how those environments would look like with today's realtime rendering tech, especially as the originals are in such a low resolution."

It was a side project with the goal to recreate one of the iconic backgrounds of Final Fantasy IX as a real-time environment. The artist chose the street in Lindblum where the Tantalus headquarters are. "I think the composition here is really nice and the scope is not too heavy for a side project," noted the artist.

Below you can find some production shots from the artist.

The artist modeled the scene in Cinema 4D, then textured it in Substance Painter (some of the textures are from Substance Source). The artist used Unity as the render engine using mixed lighting (real-time direct and baked indirect lighting).

You can learn more about the production by checking out a Polycount thread.

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  • Noke Raido

    awesome! I’ve finished the game not so long ago. I loved the atmosphere and remember this place, really good job


    Noke Raido

    ·4 months ago·

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