Taking Skyrim Landscapes to The Next Level

Taking Skyrim Landscapes to The Next Level

Creator of the Enhanced Landscapes mod for Skyrim turned the 4-year old game into a landscape masterpiece.

Many game developers believe that games without mod tools have no chase for immortality. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim proves this point with its very existence. It’s been four years since the game was originally released on PC and consoles and fans continue to attract attention to this masterpiece with their incredible work.


The most recent addition to Skyrim’s mod library is a very nice project called Enhanced Landscapes. Developer of this addition gathered a whole collection of environment modifications that turned an old RPG into a magnificent work of art. Basically what the mod does is adding more objects to the scene: rocks, ruin clutter, flowers, mushrooms and other assets. it also fixes the distant appearance of mountains, cliffs and other rock formations.

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Enhanced Landscapes does not only show hoe details can make all the difference for a game, but also proves the power of user generated content. Bethesda understands the importance of this aspect and integrates a lot of the creative elements into the gameplay itself (take Fallout 4 for example).

Source: nexusmods.com

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