Transforming Game Assets into Low Poly Characters

Transforming Game Assets into Low Poly Characters

Explore the amazing low poly art of a talented 3d artist and game developer Andrei Mishanin, which he builds with Blender.

Andrei Mishanin is a programmer and a 3d artist, who’s been doing a lot of interesting stuff over the last year. He’s creating a lot of beautiful 3d characters for video games, supplying them with bright low poly looks and spot on animations. Most of his stuff is done with Blender, however he also likes to experiment with Unity.

United team transform by andmish on Sketchfab

Spider robot by andmish on Sketchfab

Chicken by andmish on Sketchfab

Monument Valley by andmish on Sketchfab

United team by andmish on Sketchfab

Last December he shared a very neat generator, that allows to build complex levels inside Unity. You just need to click a button and the engine basically creates the whole world for you to explore. Most of his stuff is available on Sketchfab and Cartridge, so make sure to check it out.

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