Ubisoft Opens World Building Laboratory

Ubisoft Opens World Building Laboratory

The publisher invested $35 million in Ubisoft Winnipeg hiring people, who can help build new tech to improve Ubisoft’s world-building tech.

Ubisoft has recently opened a new studio in Winnipeg, Canada, Gamasutra reports. The company’s purpose is the development of tools and technologies for building of immersive game worlds. The initial investment in this company is about $35 million. The studio will hire about 100 people in the next 5 years.

Ubisoft Winnipeg is led by Far Cry 5 producer Darryl Long. He’s focus is to create new internal technologies to improve world building.

“We know already that our world builders make engaging and immersive content, but the worlds we create are becoming more and more complex as we look for new ways to give our players increased freedom,” he explained, speaking to Gamasutra

Ubisoft Winnipeg will work closely with other Ubisoft Canadian studios to figure out the key parts of the world creation pipeline that need to be improved. The company wants to get rid of bottlenecks in the world creation and help artists and game developers to iterate faster.

Ubisoft invested heavily in some outstanding game development tech over the years, also utilizing the powerful features of such tools as Houdini. If you’re interested to learn more about the way the company is building worlds in Assassin’s Creed Origins and Ghost Recon Wildlands, be sure to check out our interviews with the developers.

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Ubisoft Opens World Building Laboratory