Xsolla Capital Proposes Funding for UE4 Developers
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Xsolla Capital Proposes Funding for UE4 Developers
3 May, 2017
We all know that UE4 is free, but there are some ‘buts’. Sometimes, if you’re building a massive project, you might need some extra help from Epic Games, which means you need a different type of license. And that license costs money. Here’s when Xsolla Capital might help you.

Xsolla Capital is a $50 million royalty investment fund focused on video games, and most recently they signed the exclusive partnership deal with Epic Games. Under the terms of the collaboration, Xsolla Capital will support UE4 developers with financial and marketing resources for the development of their projects.

Most importantly, Xsolla Capital will cover the costs of custom Unreal Engine licensing, which reduces royalties and provides direct technical support via the Unreal Developer Network (UDN).  This is a huge plus for games, which scale too fast but still don’t have enough dough to buy this license themselves. 

Now is the perfect time for Xsolla to partner with our team to bring outstanding independent games to market. Since taking Unreal Engine 4 free two years ago, we’ve seen an enormous rise in high-quality titles made by small teams, and Xsolla is able to share in that success by allowing developers to maintain creative control while receiving many of the benefits a traditional publishing arrangement would provide.

Mike Gamble, European territory manager at Epic Games

So if you have an UE4 going and you’re looking for funding, go and check out  https://xsolla.com/capital/.

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